Build 2052

  • Fixed MP4 parsing to properly handle 'largesize' atoms.
  • For some streams in an unwritable location, DGIndexNV was crashing when the stream
    was opened. Fixed.
  • Modified DGDecodeNV to allow it to open compatible older DGI files, without generating
    the version mismatch popup.
  • Fixed a problem that (rarely) caused DGIndexNV to hang at startup until an arrow key
    is pressed.

  • DGIndexNV adds a CLI option to specify the angle when opening an MPLS file from a bluray.

Example: dgindexnv -i 00001.mpls -ang 0

If a valid angle is specified then the angle popup dialog is avoided.

  • Fix for random failures of DGIndexNV to startup.
  • Added a new auxiliary INI file option Force_Zoom. For example, if you want DGIndexNV to always use
    a zoom factor of 1/2, then set Force_Zoom to 2.
  • Fixed bug in which the CLI progress report percentage could go backwards.
  • Added a new CLI option -nc to disable automatic cropping for CLI invocation. For example, if you have
    a stream with height 1088 and you do not want it to be automatically cropped to 1080, include -nc on
    the CLI invocation.
  • Fixes crashes when an MKV file has more than 32 tracks.
  • Improved handling when opening zero-length files (for both CLI and GUI).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a GOP back operation in DGIndexNV to fail.
  • Added GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 to the GPUs database.
  • Rebuilt DGDecodeNV for Avisynth 2.6 compatibility. Avisynth 2.5 is no longer supported.