Build 2051

  • Added support for HEVC video. Refer to the Readme.txt file for limitations
    on HEVC support.
  • Changed the 'Display HD Full-Sized' option to a 'Zoom' option. The new
    option allows for scaling the video at full-size, half-size, or quarter size.
  • Removed the use_D3D parameter from DGSource(). It is now read automatically
    from the DGI file.

Build 2050

  • Added cards to the GPU information lookup table.
  • Changed the licensing scheme so that it is now stable across Windows updates.
    The only thing that will change the machine ID now is a change of motherboard.
  • For MKV files the FPS value is now taken from the container and not the elementary stream.
  • The CL interface with -h now no longer generates a pop-up for a bad license but
    prints a console error message instead. Also, the CLI now returns values as follows:

0: everything OK
1: input file cannot be opened
2: bad license

DGIndexNV 2051 (提取码:3b44)
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DGIndexNV 2050
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